Updated Oil Sample!

In our previous blog we indicated finding water present in the oil sample. Taking our own advice, we sent WMC up for 3 circuits (15 minutes of flying) around the airport and then did our oil change. As we said before, the engine had time to reach full temperature and was able to evaporate any of that excess moisture that was sitting since the last flight. This eliminates concern when it comes to water, and now gives us an opportunity to monitor other elements within the sample!

Our engine has reached TBO status and have committed to an on-condition monitoring program. We have been noting all of our flights gauge levels and any changes in temperature, etc. This ensures we have as much data as possible when it comes to keeping the aircraft flying as optimally and more importantly, as SAFE as possible.

Some of the things we are starting to recognize from the Fluid Life sample analysis have been the metals that are being indicated at slightly higher levels (very slight at this time) are indicating wear on the rings on the cylinders, which is to be expected at this point of a TBO… These are not at a level of concern yet, but we recognize these metals from parts within the cylinder and with this insight we can determine whether we swap out and replace with overhauled cylinders and continue monitoring the rest of the engine.

Happy Flying!

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