Carburetor: Safe, sealed and ready to fly!

In 2010 Marvel Schebler sent out a revised service bulletin regarding what they were finding in their service center on customer carbs—they found extensive use of thread sealant on various fittings and the presence of thread sealant inside carburetor fuel passages.

We have found plumbers tape on fitting multiple times over the years. This is not recommended.

  1. It will peel off during install, causing internal contamination and blockage

  2. It will provide contamination and/or corrosion on the softer metals such as aluminum – for example, in the housing. This can create an external fuel leak and be very dangerous.

If that happened to you, how much would it cost you in lost production, repair costs, or worse? All because someone used a $1.00 roll of Teflon tape.

Our policy at Alberta Aero Engine is to provide the parts with approved sealants to provide you with a piece of mind when you leave our shop. If you are concerned about having traces of this sealant on your carb or you are coming close to an inspection contact us today!

Service Bulletin resource: https://msacarbs.com/pdf/SB-10_B%20081210.pdf

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